Join Us for First Service in New Building Sunday, Oct 18 at 10 a.m

We are officially in and ready to go!  Here's a couple things to know that will come in handy when you arrive.

The Building and Parking

If you come in from Anglum Road, the building is all the way at the end of the road on your left.  We should have people helping direct you, but just in case you get there a little late...

  1. The building with the "J. Oscar School of Music" sign is actually our building.
  2. But don't park in that lot. Drive around to the other side. 
  3. You'll see a sign that says "Parking for 975 Hornet Only"  You can safely ignore that.
  4. You'll pass the main entrance to the building, which faces the highway.

Kids Church

Kids now get to go straight to Kids Church!  

They'll have their own worship, teaching and fun activities, so there's no need to take them to the big service first. :)

Reminder: Sunday Service is in Cuba (Missouri) this weekend!

Don't forget this weekend Sunday July 26th: we will be holding our Sunday morning service in Cuba, MO due to our Mission Trip. 

And on Sunday August 2nd we will start holding services in our new building located at 1020 Anglum Road Hazelwood, MO 63042.

If you are planning on coming to Cuba this weekend and you have not received the two Cuba emails we sent out this week: please let us know ASAP so we can get that info in your hands.

If we don't see you in Cuba this Sunday: we will see you Sunday August 2nd in our new location!!!

Religion creates a corporate identity

When we buy into religion we end up speaking, sounding, even looking like everyone else within that corporate branded identity. Same thoughts. Same beliefs. Same well-defined doctrines; and if you step out of line and have questions that doesn't fit that corporate identity: guess what: chances are you might be silenced, or even booted out.


I don't mind if I don't fit the corporate identity of religion. I’m stoked to have a relationship that is unique with my creator.


I simply want to walk freely everyday, with an open mind to learn new things and an open heart to connect with God.


This is what the Jesus of scripture promotes.  Matthew 11:28-30



Part Two Journey Out Of Religion

Over the course of our lives our belief in certain doctrines change, not because God is changing, but because our understanding of him is becoming clearer to us.

When we dare to let our understanding of God's love out of the pre-defined box that religion has built for it over the centuries, we begin to see a clearer picture of God; we see a God who has no limits on his love for mankind. 

We see a God our heads may have refused to accept for so long, but our hearts had always believed existed.

For this reason we openly embrace and celebrate the words of Jesus: “Seek, and you shall find” and “The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth”.

Journey Out Of Religion

Religion's obsession is certainty. Everything must be known about God. Nothing must be allowed to remain uncertain, and everyone else must be harshly corrected if they do not believe in these certainties.

God's reality is mystery, not certainty. Within that mystery there will always be a lot of things about God we do not know or understand.

God is still there in the reality, but he is different than how he was projected in the fantasy of religion. In religion, God is on call, he shows up on demand, he's talking all the time. But in reality, God speaks in silence. God leads in absence. God holds you in a way that you often still feel alone.

The journey out of religion hurts the heart. We find ourselves roaming around wondering just what God is doing with us here.

If you feel lost, even after Jesus has found you: God is still here, leading us into a place religion never could.


Join us this weekend as we continue our message series entitled: START.  Everything has a starting point, even your faith.  Maybe your faith journey started as a child.  Someone came along and told you what to believe and you did.  Then as you grew into an adult the pressures and rigors of adult life started to chip away at your faith.  One day you discovered a gap between what you were told and what you experienced.  You are now left with the question: NOW WHAT?  Join us as we take a look at this thing called Christianity...