Adopted Family Updates

We adopted our first family of 6 (mom, dad, and 4 boys) back in January of 2013.  Since January: mom and dad have completed several financial courses with a local credit union, paid almost all of their past due bills, started a savings account, and much more.  They have since moved to a better hotel and are preparing for their future.  We are working alongside the family, along with the local school district, a local credit union, and a non-profit group called Beyond Housing.  Our initial goal was to help the family transition from a hotel to an apartment in about a six month period of time.  As we started building a relationship with them, watched how hard they were working, and more people got involved, we realized that we could do even better then moving them into an apartment.  It became clear if we all continued to work together that they could become home owners.  Here we are 8 months into our journey and 8 months closer to helping them move into their own home.  We are hoping and praying that they will be able to make a move into a house before the end of the year.  We want to thank all the people of simplechurch for being in this for the long haul!!!    

In June we started building a relationship with another local family of 5 (mom, dad and 3 boys).  This family too lives in a local hotel.  We have provided food for the family several times, as well as, presented them with special Back To School gift cards to help with school clothes, school supplies and food.  We are excited about continuing to build a relationship with this new family and getting them enrolled in our financial education program with the local school district and local credit union.


Thank you simplechurch for loving God by loving people!!!