Journey Out Of Religion

Religion's obsession is certainty. Everything must be known about God. Nothing must be allowed to remain uncertain, and everyone else must be harshly corrected if they do not believe in these certainties.

God's reality is mystery, not certainty. Within that mystery there will always be a lot of things about God we do not know or understand.

God is still there in the reality, but he is different than how he was projected in the fantasy of religion. In religion, God is on call, he shows up on demand, he's talking all the time. But in reality, God speaks in silence. God leads in absence. God holds you in a way that you often still feel alone.

The journey out of religion hurts the heart. We find ourselves roaming around wondering just what God is doing with us here.

If you feel lost, even after Jesus has found you: God is still here, leading us into a place religion never could.